A Pearl Jubilee of Marketing Chair headed by Professor Irina Skorobogatykh
October 25th, 2019
On October 25th, 2019, VII International Research-to-Practice Conference of the Guild of Marketing Experts and PRUE "Marketing of Russia" took place. It was dedicated to the 30thanniversary of the first Russian Marketing Chair and 85-th anniversary of Professor Boris Soloviev – initiator and founder of the first marketing department at Plekhanov Russian University of economics, who was headed department for more than 20 years.

Getting started. The appraising words are coming from Tatiana Voronova, a Vice-Rector of PRUE to the Marketing Chair and its present Head, Professor Irina Skorobogatykh and Boris Soloviev, the first Head of the Marketing Chair.
We are especially proud of the fact that such kind of cooperating with the University of Economics Varna is estimated to be a "breakthrough in the field of internationalization"! The fact is the cooperation agreement between the two universities, signed at a special ceremony.
Inga Koryagina and two first year students from the Faculty of Finance, Anastasia Baranova and Anastasia Okrokova, took part into the foresight session which was the part of the conference. The main theme of the session was "The Transformation of the Role and Competencies of Marketing Experts in Companies".
Inga Koryagina and Anastasia Baranova discussed the main characteristics the manager of the Z generation should have and also presented the video as a result of the module course of history where all the things Anastasia's team learned were shown. A lot of skillful and experienced people took part in conversation. It was obvious that senior generation was interested in not only about education of the younger generation, but also about marketing situation in Russia. Participants came to the conclusion that the relationship of universities should be based not on competition, but on alliance. Attention was paid to the fact that practice is very important for students. An important point was made that each company selects its own specialists in the field of marketing. It's very important for students to be a multipurpose specialist. Foreign guests were invited to share their knowledge and experience in the field of marketing.
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